Inspiration for this project came from the hobo language that is used near railways.
Project Overview
Marked is an organic way-finding system created and used by an underground & exclusive community. The system is developed for people who want to share their authentic New York experiences by tagging the streets of the city with chalk. Members then can follow the MARKED logo in the direction of the letter D, which also works like an arrow. The destination of their experience is tagged with a mark of its own. The use of chalk makes the marks less permanent and allows the project to evolve and change. The inspiration behind this project came from the hobo language. It is a system of communication within the hobo community using symbols. MARKED has the language used by one community and adapts it into a new community to be used in New York.
Marking System
Marked organic way-finding system will symbols or marks to get things started for the community. The members of the community will be called Markers, and the idea is that there will be more marks added organically, and members will make a note of the new symbols in their booklets which they will receive at the launch party. 
The Launch Party​​​​​​​
The project will initially recruit a pre-selected group of people who will be invited to the "MARKED Party." The invite will have specific instructions that will include the poster site and how to follow the MARKED logo to get to the party venue. In the venue, the starter kits will be distributed to the pre-selected "MARKERS." In addition, there will be some additional kits for any enthusiastic people who happen to find their way into the party and/or were invited by the pre-selected group. In the starter kit, each MARKER will receive; a booklet that has instructions on the first few pages, established marks, space for new marks and experiences, and a business card with their entry codes for the website. Once the MARKERS gain access to the website where they can create new marks, read about the inspiration behind the project, leave clues on the map for other members (to find experiences they marked, it will never be on the exact location but within a few blocks in order for the members to hunt for the experiences), nominate new members and upload video experiences, one of which will be featured each week. Since anonymity and exclusivity are important to the project, each MARKER will have a number instead of usernames.
Each Marker candidate receives an email with a time and location to meet and find their way to the launch party.
The starting point for the launch party.
Launch party concept.
Gift Bags​​​​​​​
Marked members (or Markers) will each receive an info booklet where they can keep a record of the marks they come up with, which are later uploaded to the website for everybody's use and approval. There are also messenger bags, t-shirts, and buttons to help Markers recognize one another and raise awareness of the community.
Each Marker receives a card with a code at the end of the launch party to access the website.

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