My dog, Moka, was not harmed during this photo shoot and was paid in treats.

Let me introduce myself
Hi, my name is Gizem! I’m an illustrator and art director based out of Seattle, WA. Born and bred in Turkey, I spent most of my childhood daydreaming about creating things for a living one day as I doodled, played video games, and made my toys out of household items. I’m happy to say that what began as daydreams have become my reality.
I help brands and companies foster connections between people and products, communicating with their audiences in an empathetic, honest, and open way. Throughout my diverse career, I have developed the ability to appreciate other collaborators’ different perspectives and unique contributions. As a subject matter expert in providing creative direction, I can train and mentor other professionals, contribute to my industry knowledge to advance decision-making, and build brand equity with several entities.
My specialties include communication design, visual design, UX & UI design, product design, branding, art direction, advertising, web design, animation, illustration, and project management.

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